Partner Pals

  • Partner Pals is a group of dancers who love to dance and want to share the fun of dancing with anyone who needs a partner. 
  • The goal of Partner Pals is to work together to keep everyone happily dancing. 
  • Partner Pals can help dancers who answer yes to any of the following questions:
                    Are you experiencing dance partner breakdown?
                    Is your regular dance partner temporarily unavailable?
                    You don’t even have a regular dance partner?

 At this year’s new Partner Pals Table (outside the Main Hall) you can:

  1. Sign up to join Partner Pals.
  2. Get your Partner Pals ribbon.
  3. Register your willingness to dance with someone at an event or workshop.
  4. Find out about special Meet-Up times. (First is at 2:30 Friday afternoon.)
  5. Meet up with other Partner Pals to discuss dance levels and interests.

How does Partner Pals work to maximize dancing for everyone who wants to dance?

  1. Visit the Partner Pals Table outside the Main Hall.
  2. Gather at the PP Table shortly before Convention main events.
  3. Look for the Partner Pals Table inside the Main Hall.
  4. You can STAND around the PP Table when you are ready to dance.
  5. Wear your Partner Pals ribbon.
  6. Ask other Partner Pals to dance.

Remember that Partner Pals work as a group to include everyone and to share the fun of dancing with all who want to dance! Questions? Email